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digital services and consulting


Ahead in growing services

Our aim is to consistently deliver an all-round experience that elicits a WOW! in whatever we do.

We are well versed and highly professional team from different background at VJ Digital Info, the global leader in the technology world, has been connecting customers with the world’s most successful companies.

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Whether it is creating the best technology solution for our clients or interacting with our community,
our aim is to evoke a feeling that something extraordinary has been accomplished.

Effortless customer experience using -

Digital channels

We have in-house websites with different verticals for opt-in

Analytics & Automation

Well versed team and strong champions with different background to analyse various channels

Digital marketing

VJ Digital Info, helps design and implement an effortless customer experience using digital channels

VJ Digital Info, brings the marketing expertise and resources in multiple verticals like call traffic, email marketing, banners & Ads to ensure a smooth online customer journey.

Our sales support specialists manage and accelerate your marketing campaigns through cross-functional teamwork and collaboration with your team and key vendors. With better content management through expert trainers, teams gain insight with the support of data driven marketing programs and better sales targeting. Bringing our insight and understanding of your sales methodologies and cycles, our Sales Team delivers customer satisfaction.

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Our crew

Vaibhav Dubey, Junoon Mewade

We discover how our technology can take you to the next level and make your business more competitive.